3 Mind Blowing Facts About Tote Bags

What is a tote bag?

A tote is your true daily companion carrier. It’s a large bag with long shoulder straps and a wide-open top which allows easy access to the content. It has a single large interior space though others offer exterior and interior pockets for basic organization.  It is ideal in multiple scenarios, be it your weekend getaway, leisure and office. Do you need a bag intervention?

You can link up with the amazing versatile totes depending on your budget, materials and size.

Weekend Getaway

If you are planning a one-to-two-day escape, a tote bag is your go to buddy. Its spacious nature allows you to carry all your stuff, be it your cosmetics, clothes, phone and other items. Feel free to partner with this amazing “dustbin” like item which allows you to just throw in your stuff and take off.

Office Venture

Are you thinking of how to comfortably carry your office contents? Then adventure into the amazing world of tote bags. Its roomy structure allows you to have your way with your office contents, including your laptop, cables, mouse, lunch box, water bottle, notebook, novel phone and makeup bag.

Chillaxing Day

You plan on having a brief outing for a day and wonder how to carry your items for the day? Worry less, tote bag is your answer. Your phone, pouch, water bottle, novel, sweater, sunglasses and cosmetic bag has a very secure safe place inside this bin. You’ll Freely enjoy your day out.

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